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Audio Selections from Harpsichords made by Peter Tkach Harpsichords.

Students of innovative technology departments are very good at coding, but when it comes to writing an essay, it can be difficult for them. In such cases, we advise order custom term paper and achieving high results in the study. The audio selections are offered in two formats: 1) Real Audio 5.0 and 2) the industry standard MPEG layer 3. Each format has advantages. The MPEG layer 3 generally has higher quality sound than Real Audio but it requires more bandwidth (this means, it is not as well suited to listen to on-line). The MPEG files are the only files that can be downloaded and saved on to a disk for later listening. Also, the MPEG files require a fast Pentium class machine to decode the sound. The Real Audio files can only be listened to on-line. However, they have lower hardware requirements (a 486DX2-66 or higher). 

There are three selections:

Selection 1: Les Baricades Misterieuses by Couperin

Real Audio MPEG Layer-3
Couperin (341 KB Real Player file) Couperin (544 KB MPEG file; app. 2.5 minutes at 28.8)

Selection 2: From Toccata in E Minor by Bach

Real Audio MPEG Layer-3
Bach (212 KB Real Player file) Bach (326 KB MPEG file; app. 1.5 minutes at 28.8)

Selection 3: Var. 3 From Harmonious Blacksmith by Handel

Real Audio MPEG Layer-3
Handel (143 KB Real Player file) Handel (220 KB MPEG file; app 1 minute at 28.8)

Notes About The Selections

Selections 1 & 3 are played on a Flemish double manual harpsichord after Johannes Dulchen, 1745. Keith Womer is the harpsichordist.

Selection 2 is played on a Flemish single manual harpsichord after Johannes Couchet, 1679. Mary Mottl is the harpsichordist.

For MPEG-3

We recommend Microsoft's Netshow and Active Movie to play MPEG 3 files. Both Netshow and Active Movie are required for Windows machines. There is a version of Netshow available for Windows 3.x, Win95, WinNT, Mac, and Unix. It is available as a part of Internet Explorer 4 or as a free download.

Download Netshow

The instructions assume the use of Netshow and Active Movie. Other players may operate differently. The files have a *.wav extension. Mac users may need to rename the file to use it.

Real Audio

For Real Audio files, it is necessary to download the Real Audio 5.0 player.

To Download Real Audio freeplayer.gif (7891 bytes)

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