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Price List For Custom Made Instruments

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Price List For Custom Made Instruments
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Double-manual harpsichords, all designs


Single-manual harpsichords, all designs


English bentside spinet


Italian virginal


Portable Italian harpsichord with carrying case. This instrument is our adaption of the "cembalino" from The Early Music Shop, Bradford, England.


Prices include painting in one or two colors, a matching stand with turned columns, and a matching music desk. A matching bench is included in the price of double- and single-manual harpsichords and is optional with smaller instruments.


Soundboard painting by Andrea Tkach:

Double-manual harpsichords $950

Single-manual harpsichords $850

Other options available include natural wood finish, special veneer and inlaid patterns, 23-karat gold banding and gilded moldings, special decorative hardware, extra registers. A full options list with prices is available upon request.

Additional Servcies

Restringing, voicing, regulating, refinishing, rebuilding, installation of transposition capabilities, traditional and non-traditional decorating, appraisals, renting, and leasing.


A 10% payment is asked when a specific model is decided upon and a contract signed, 40% when the case is constructed and soundboard installed, and 50% upon delivery. Other payment plans can be arranged.

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